How To Get Motivation For Regular Exercising

Every day, I organized my schedule around some kind of exercise – a hike, a surf, a yoga or spinning class. Sometimes I did more than one of these things or tried something random and new – like sea kayaking or Krav Maga. I always considered myself an active person with lots of energy.

Then one day, I looked up and found I had become a working mom with two lovely children, a busy acupuncture practice, a bustling blog, and a Real food kitchen.

Because of this, I no longer had the time nor energy to fit exercise into my daily routine, barely squeaking in a few workouts per week. Because of this, I constantly felt sluggish and out of shape – convinced there was no space in my life to stay as active as I once was.

Until one day, I discovered a tiny little invention for exercise motivation that gets me moving each and every day. Now, I am feeling more fit and energized than I have in years, and I’m so excited to share my secret with you!

Why I need exercise motivation

Recently my eye sight started to go a bit funny from staring at the computer for hours on end. My clothes must have shrunken since they seemed a bit tight, and I was just feeling blah.

I’d say I’m usually moderately active. Most weeks I go to two spinning classes, a pilates session, and for a walk on the beach. Not bad, but other than that I mostly sit on my butt. Yep, that’s the glamorous life of a blogger – cross-eyed and numbed bum. Plus, in an effort to dodge the flu bullet this winter, I skipped a bunch of workouts.

I was feeling the need for something to jump-start my fitness routine, and fast. Heck, I needed someone to follow me around all day telling me to get up and stop being so darn lazy.

Meet my new personal trainer…

My Secret to Exercise Motivation - My Fitbit - Holistic Squid

A few of my friends had been going on and on about a little modern invention called Fitbit –  basically a fancy step counter. AnnMarie over at Cheeseslave lost 10 pounds and 5.3% body fat in a month using hers. My pilates instructor swears by hers to keep her accountable to her own fitness goals.

At first I was nonplussed by my friends’ gadgets. I nodded and made polite smiles. Afterall, I was an active person already, so what interest did  I have in something to track my fitness?

HAHAHA! Needless to say, I finally woke up and decided to try this thing myself, and would you believe – The Fitbit has changed my life. Seriously, you guys… this little tiny gadget is pretty revolutionary. It’s so much more than a 21st century pedometer.

Fitbit also monitors how many floors you ascend, miles gone, calories burned – and with the press of a button – will monitor your sleep to determine not only how many hours but the quality of your sleep as well. This thing is like a personal trainer, cheer-leading team, and mom all wrapped into a three inch clip – totally work the 98 bucks I paid for it.

Not only can it tell how much and how vigorously you’re moving, it sets a goal (10,000 steps) and sends you motivational messages throughout the day. Or, if you’d prefer, it guilts you into meeting your goals. Whatever works, right?

Fitbit also syncs with a free computer and phone app where you can see your progress in graph form, track additional exercise (like swimming or yoga), and even count calories – if that’s your thing.

See that number in the picture above? 3,416 steps at 6pm was pretty rubbish. Normally, after a day of working at my computer and driving kids to and fro, I would have eaten dinner, put the little ones to bed, and snuggled back in with my laptop for an evening session of work or relaxation.

Instead, I laced up my sneakers and hit the pavement around my scenic and hilly neighborhood. I walked about 3 miles, ascended the equivalent of 20 ‘floors’, and met my 10,000 step goal on a day that I would have otherwise done nothing physical at all.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Are you meeting your fitness goals or need more exercise motivation?

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