The 20 Minute Workout For Busy Women

Hey! Do you find yourself way too busy to fit enough exercise into your day or week? I can relate. So I had my friend and pilates instructor/personal trainer whip me up this super simple 20 minute routine that you can do anywhere – at home, at the office – even at the beach.

Only got 10 minutes? Do 5 reps of each exercise instead of 10.

Now I have absolutely no excuses for not exercising. And you don’t either.

The 20 minute workout for people too busy to exercise

Using a set of 5 pound weights (or none if you don’t have them) do ten repetitions of each exercise for a full-body 20 minute workout that even the busiest mom can fit into her day.

1 – Forward lunges

Hold weights in hands at your side. Engage your core as you step forward, and push back against the floor as you stand up and pull your belly button toward your spine. Do not allow your knee to bend past your ankle.

2 – Standing bicep lifts

Standing with hips shoulder distance apart with your elbows at your side, bring the weights to your shoulder and then lift over head. Reverse the motion, finishing with your arms at your side.

3 – Alternating side lunges

Standing upright with your hands on your hips, step out with your left leg into a wide squat, then bring yourself back to center. Repeat on your right side.

4 – Bending lat rows

In a standing lunge position with your left leg forward, rest your left elbow on you knee. Place the weight to the right of your front foot. Using your right arm, bring the weight up, bending your elbow. Then lower the weight back to the floor.

5 – Squats

Confession: I couldn’t bear to share the pics of me doing squats. Sorry! Here’s how you do them: With arms by your side, and legs wider than your hips, squat and stand.

6 – Wide leg plank rows

In pushup position with your legs very wide for support, alternate lifting your arms as in exercise #4. This is a difficult move, and you may want to do without weights until you have developed enough strength for your hips to stay completely still throughout.

7 – Wide arm push ups

With your legs together, and your arms wide, engage your core as you do a classic push up. Do not bend your elbows beyond a 45 degree angle.

8 – Upper back extensions

Laying face down on the floor, clasp your fingers gently behind the base of your skull. Lifting from the area between your shoulder blades, and engaging your core, raise your upper torso and lower.

9 – Supine overhead triceps

Now on your back, bring your legs into tabletop position. Hold the weights shoulder distance apart on the floor over your head. Keeping your elbow above your face, straighten your arms to lift the weights while keeping your core engaged.

10 – Forward curls (two ways)

First, with your legs in tabletop and hands clasped behind your head, slowly bring your chest to your knees – “getting the most bang for your buck” by moving with intention.

For your second set, alternate extending your legs out with each curl into a 45 degree extension. As your leg extends, bring your opposite armpit toward the extended leg. Then switch sides.

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